Q: Do I have to get a Building Permit? Do you handle necessary inspections?
Q: What are your business hours? Where are you located?
Q: What exactly does “Design Build” Remodeling mean?

Simply stated, it is a one stop shopping approach to remodeling.  When a Design Build Remodeling company is called in, from the first meeting to the final walk-through, everything is handled by that company, from the sharing of ideas and developing a professional design to producing working drawings, managing and constructing the project through completion. 

Creating a design to accomplish the goals of the client, and keeping that design within a pre-determined and realistic budget, is a part of the Design Build Remodeling Company's responsibility.

The Design Build process features many of the qualities featured in today's competitive marketplace service orientation, a seamless process and a clear accountability by a single, qualified source which makes it a number one choice with busy homeowners juggling work, family and tight schedules.

Q: Is McDowell insured and licensed? What about subcontractors that might work on my home?
Q: Do you use subcontractors or your own employees?
Q: How do you typically handle clean-up?
Q: Do you have a Showroom? How do I make selections for my project?
Q: Do you have an architect on staff? Who draws the plans?
Q: What manufacturer’s products do you use?
Q: Why is there such a variance in pricing of products?
Q: Some construction companies close during the winter months – Does McDowell work all year?
Q: How do you protect my landscaping?
Q: If I’m looking at a house to buy, do you have anyone who would look at it and tell me what the cost of various remodeling or improvements would be?
Q: What are the differences between the small “one man show” type remodeler and McDowell?
Q: Do you give Free Estimates?
Q: When will you start my job? How long will it take? Will you ever leave my project to go to another one once it has started?