Q: Do I have to get a Building Permit? Do you handle necessary inspections?
Q: What are your business hours? Where are you located?
Q: What exactly does “Design Build” Remodeling mean?
Q: Is McDowell insured and licensed? What about subcontractors that might work on my home?
Q: Do you use subcontractors or your own employees?
Q: How do you typically handle clean-up?
Q: Do you have a Showroom? How do I make selections for my project?
Q: Do you have an architect on staff? Who draws the plans?
Q: What manufacturer’s products do you use?
Q: Why is there such a variance in pricing of products?
Q: Some construction companies close during the winter months – Does McDowell work all year?
Q: How do you protect my landscaping?
Q: If I’m looking at a house to buy, do you have anyone who would look at it and tell me what the cost of various remodeling or improvements would be?
Q: What are the differences between the small “one man show” type remodeler and McDowell?
A: With a larger company like McDowell, there are a number of differences, starting with a real person who answers the phone and an office team who is ready to meet your needs. A staff of approximately 20 employees who are all trained to do their job, and care about you, our customer, and that your project is the best it can be for you and your family. That gives you to a team of people who are focused on their area of expertise, rather than one person trying to do it all. McDowell offers a complete benefit package to its employees, including health insurance, an employer matching retirement plan, a generous “paid time off” package, on-going educational opportunities for everyone and we even have “fun” too! All of this leads to a solid company who has been here for 35 years, will be here for many more, with employees who like their jobs and stay for many years.
Q: Do you give Free Estimates?
Q: When will you start my job? How long will it take? Will you ever leave my project to go to another one once it has started?