Our Process

Thank you for visiting our website, and this page about our process!

One of the ways that we feel we are different than many other companies, is "Our Process" - no matter what type of project, large or small, interior or exterior, we are very focused on making sure you will be happy with the finished product.

Starting with your first contact with us, whether phone or email, we will set a time to meet at your home.  We typically make appointments Monday through Friday, between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, but we will do our best to find a time that will work with your schedule and our sales team.

When we meet the first time, we will ask you alot of questions about the project and obtain some measurements of the area to go back and start to put together an estimate for you.  (see "What to Expect" under Info for you about your Home)

Depending on the type of project, typically at our second meeting with you, we will present a Design Development Agreement (DDA).  There is a fee associated with the DDA as we move to the next phases of design and planning, which is approximately 3% of the projected budget for the project.  Once the DDA is accepted, typically the following steps will occur, as necessary:

  • Feasibility study / review of existing conditions
  • Discuss additional ideas and options as design becomes finalized
  • Identify potential problems/solutions
  • Discuss a work plan that accomplishes your goals
  • Provide concept drawings, elevation views and working plans for the project
  • Shop for and select all products that will go into the project; ie. cabinetry, plumbing products, flooring, granite or other surfaces, lighting, siding, roofing, windows, doors, finishes, and whatever will be needed to complete the project
  • Discuss budget at each step; confirm whether "on plan" or not, and adjust as needed
This interactive part of the process has proven to be a very valuable aspect of our relationship with you; as we go through the process, it often brings out ideas you never thought of, as well as explain why certain stages of a project may need to be done differently.

Through the DDA phase, your project will be thoroughly defined, and a Construction Contract will then be created, permits will be applied for, materials will be ordered, a project schedule will be prepared, and work will begin.


*What does Design Build Remodeling mean?

It's pretty simple...you will work with ONE company from the DESIGN of the project, through the BUILDING of the project.  This starts with brainstorming and sharing ideas, producing concepts, working plans and drawings, creating budgets and estimates, obtaining necessary permits, and performing all the work necessary to complete the project.

Creating a superb design that meets and exceeds your goals, and being able to build it within the desired level of investment, is a key part of the McDowell process, and we think should go "hand in hand".  During our planning meetings, budgets will be discussed openly, and objections addressed.

One of the steps in our process that sets us apart from most others, and is essential to the overall success of the project, no matter whether large or small, interior or exterior, is that we help you in the selection of products.  We literally take you "shopping" to various vendors and manufacturers to see and select the products and colors that will make your project what you dreamed of. 

We have found, and hope that you will too, that working with our team, and our process, your remodeling experience will actually be an enjoyable one, and as comfortable as possible for you and your family!