The McDowell Team

Will Schilke
Will Schilke
Joined the McDowell in September 2017 

Will was born in Elgin, lived in Bartlett and attended Elgin High School.  He has been a tradesman since the age of 18, having completed carpenter training and a 5 year apprenticeship.  He has had experience in roofing, commercial construction and the past 8 years in remodeling.

In addition to his passion for carpentry, Will likes to cook, train in Brazilian Jujitsu and likes to read - anything from fiction to sci-fi to biographies.

Will is married with two daughters, a 15 year old who is involved in music, art and a straight A student…and she has a fantastic sense of humor too, and a 12 year old who is an athlete (basketball) and a gamer; if not shooting hoops, she is on her computer, or testing her love of cooking on Dad!   Both girls are outgoing and keep Will and his wife hopping!

Last but not least, the furry member of the Schilke family (not counting Will's beard) is Will's buddy, 14 year old Ozzy, a mixed breed ("mutt") dog, who is very loved by all!


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